thoughts, you seen it?

what rhymes with orange?

I’m not sure how well spread the below image is but it’s probably pretty well known by now. this is the Internet after all

put up on the Facebook page of Om’Mas Keith (who so happens to be 1/2 of Sa-Ra Creative Partners. yes 1/2 not a 1/3 if you didn’t already know) it’s the brief liner notes for Frank Ocean’s forthcoming debut album Channel Orange

here were my initial thoughts

besides that though, is it harsh or too cynical to suggest that last weeks announcement was also well timed PR? we are all familiar with the well known adage

all PR is good PR

right? with the list of names coming out in support it just seems too slick for my eyes. add that mixture to the news that the album is going to be exclusively available on iTunes for the next week and…well…it makes sense to me. new ‘breakout’ names are always needed in a perpetually stale mainstream and if you get attention…

sonically, this will probably be a great listen. Pharrell (though the lack of Chad is disappointing), Om’Mas, Andrè 3000, John Mayer, Lalah Hathaway…intriguing songs will surely follow. I would not consider it reaching to suggest that a Grammy path is ahead of Mr. Ocean too

perhaps this will live up to the cloud of hype that has consistently surrounded him since Nostalgia ’77 landed. up until now, I personally have not been convinced


p.s Tyler The Creator’s surname is Okonma suggesting he of Naija (Nigerian) descent. never knew that

The Almighty’s Blessings

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