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terror danjah + nii-teiko = unleash the dark crawler (the definitive interview)

some time ago, I had the honour of interviewing the man, the myth, the Uk underground legend and all round nice guy Terror Danjah in support of his sophomore LP The Dark Crawler

since first meeting Terror when he was the main subject of an early Day In The Life Of feature for Echoes Magazine and then interviewing him for the launch of the Aftershock compilation a year or so later, a lot has changed. previously the chief in-house producer of the legendary Aftershock aswell as co-owner, A&R, songwriter, head of PR etc he has now fully stepped out on his own two as a DJ, producer and label head (again). his debut album Undeniable which dropped in 2010 pushed the parameters of his sonic palette further than many thought possible incorporating House, Trance-esque Rave epics, Minimal Tech x Grime, good ol’ MC catharsis and more educating new and old fans. see below for the first release from that album. PLAY IT LOUD

now with a new album ready to be released and set loose on ravers plus already receiving critical acclaim, this as the title says is the definitive interview for The Dark Crawler era: raw (some language is present so it’s not entirely safe for work), in full, honest and humorous with contemplative moments. enjoy and leave timed comments on the player or leave a comment below

The Almighty’s Blessings

written in part via WordPress for iOS (which made me lose the entire, finished draft of this post…again! great application!)


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