geek out!

ok let’s tackle this quickly


ok you already seen what was unveiled. resting on laurels, disappointment, license to print money or basically s**** – feel free to use any of these statements as they all work

I had written up a quite long post detailing some of the ridiculous reasons why Apple do so well with the iPhone but then this WordPress for iOS app deleted it all again so instead…I’ll use pictures and video to more or less explain some of my thoughts

this video really says it all to be honest

then this pic (apologies for the bad language)


and finally…I think I’ll be taking the phone on the right. till next time…



– a 4inch (or perhaps taller) iPhone. maybe wider
– it will come in 32 and 64GB flavours
– some kind of polarising filter on the display with a higher pixel count. the filter might have a new buzzword name. both features will then bring it level with the Nokia Lumia 920
– it will support pentaband LTE
– a 12 mpx camera with a refined version of Digital Image Stabilisation. this may also have a new buzzword esque name
– it will have a quad core processor
– I’m also expecting it will support Thunderbolt. this is me just speculating though. perhaps expect Bluetooth 4.0 and / or NFC. this will be called iShare
– the “one more thing” annoyance will of course be availability, different colours and either wireless charging or the ability to take off the back and snap new backs on upgrading the camera or adding wireless charging (what Nokia showed off with the 820

what I want to see

– a new 128GB iPod Touch with an vastly improved DAC and GPS. that’s about it
– new iMac’s. mainly for Swindle who was on dire need of one. if you have no idea who he is, go here for the Spotlight audio interview I did with him

what do you think?

I’ll update this when the event is over but I should be live tweeting this as I follow a live blog. follow me for snark and honesty 😉

The Almighty’s Blessings

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