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happy 3rd anniversary to the first and only children’s cultural film club in the uk!



Happy Birthday Gold Onyx. held in Tottenham, I remember coming here with my family just after the riots last year driving past burned out shops, a ransacked shopping centre and general debris. I filmed the head of the org (Lady Leo) that evens and was due to write something about the whole affair but it petered out into the ether

Nonetheless, it’s a great event in which I have seen children grow up within, gain confidence and have fun. Now children as young as 5 are presenting their films of choice and doing Q&A’s afterwards. today saw an lengthened anniversary edition with a showing of Fat Albert, culminating in a quiz between adults and children with the winner’s being adults this year as opposed to children last

check the hyperlinked website above and…come down on the first Saturday of every month


The Almighty’s Blessings


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