geek out!, recent purchases

stayed up to 4am playing this game

am in pain. not as young as I used to be

decided to buy this as I thought I would try to ingratiate myself with the Halo franchise before 4 hits the shelves and I contemplate a purchase. as it’s been such a long time since playing any next gen titles or FPS in general it’s interesting to finally play such a revered and cherished game

initially I hated it. I’m still not used to users having free reign over the characters / players camera meaning my aim was at first about as accurate as a drunk peeing into a thimble but…I have gotten used to it. kinda. much practice still to be had

I’m starting with Halo Reach. even though it was released after the 3rd instalment it is set before the first so I’m attempting to faithful and true to chronology

Lord…help me with stamina 🙂


The Almighty’s Blessings


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