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this is my next (hopefully): Nokia Lumia 920

matte black version

matte black version

The Lumia 920 is the pinnacle of Nokia engineering. It has great build quality, filled with the latest technology and it also looks really good while doing it. We found nary any issues with the hardware and if you’re comfortable with Windows Phone 8, this phone is your best option…if you want the best. The PureView camera, while not perfect, gives outstanding night photos and shoots the best video of any phone on the market today. The plethora of Nokia software like GPS navigation only sweetens the deal.

via Nokia Lumia 920 Review | Windows Phone Central.

unsurprisingly this is one of the best reviews of one of the most innovative smartphones available today – take a look

unfortunately ‘available’ is quite a subjective word for this phone here in the Uk as it’s currently locked to one network. anyway…enjoy

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