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do not sleep on the Asus VivoBook

While it lacks the razor-edge slenderness of pricier peers, this little laptop is still good-looking and solidly built. Sheets of alloy stretch across the lid and around the Scrabble-tile keyboard, making the S200 look like a chubby cousin to Asus’s 11.6in Ultrabook, the Zenbook UX21. The metal and plastic construction feels bombproof, and the whole chassis is stiff and flex-free. It’s outlandishly refined for a £450 laptop

via Asus VivoBook S200 review | Laptops | Reviews | PC Pro.

I ran into this machine unexpectedly while aimlessly floating within a shopping centre and Asus…well done. not sure how you managed to do it but congratulations for packing so much into a nice value for money machine. I know people have been anticipating the convertible VivoTab but not only does this run

even though the performance of the dual core Pentium I had my hands on was passable, the Intel i3 option should mitigate the brief pauses and allay any fears about future performance. It’s not like such a choice will even tax your wallet: the all-consuming multi-national otherwise known as Tesco are selling it for £449 while Expansys will be retailing it for £399

as you’ll read in the review up top, there are laptops and ultrabooks that cost a lot more for less. there really doesn’t seem like there’s much to lose here

take a look

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