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re blog – M23: A glimpse of what DRC expects

UPDATE 25/11/12

just now reading that regional heads of state (ICGRL) within Congo-Kinshasha are giving the M23 rebels 48 hours to leave Goma as part of a peace deal. read more here

from that article I find this particulary amazing

The Heads of State demanded that the Police that were disarmed in Goma by M23 be rearmed so that they resume duty

I mean…

history repeating…

Over the years I have had tens of testimonies of how millions of innocent people have died and continue to die in the Great Lakes region.

It’s not that the world does not know what is happening. And with the new technology, they cannot pretend they are not aware of the atrocities being committed which seem endless.

via M23: A glimpse of what DRC expects | Rising Continent.

first things first, The Rising Continent by Brotha Ambrose is one of the best blogs on WordPress and the web – period

second…there’s not much for me to add re: M23, Goma and what is continuing to happen within the DRC. there are no adjectives, expletives or other language devices left. it’s just a feeling of anger, rage and a deep deep deep despondent sadness bordering on helplessness. that’s all I have for now

read the link and…to be honest we just need to act on what needs to be done to bring pressure for this to end wherever we are at

The Almighty’s Blessings


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