geek out!, terrain

it’s time for a trip to the Music Production Show!


this is an old post that I should have published looooong ago in November 2012…and didn’t…but I’m not one to waste all my efforts so here you go 🙂

sodden but not downtrodden at the MPS

before we begin, I’ll just like to say that it rained the whole day and one side of my trainers remembered it had a hole in it = my right foot swimming around and aching for more or less the whole day hence the above sub-heading * hangs head *

anyway like a moth to the flame of tech, I ventured to North London for the Music Production Show. a cross between a expo and a music gear market, the MPS is a welcome return to London for this sort of event. back when I was a lad, music tech expo’s were much more commonplace in Laaaadan with at least one major event each year. I have a misty eyed memory of one in particular held in Earl’s Court and except for the likes of the BPM show in Birmingham they seem to be of a dying breed so it’s a welcome return

have a quick peek at the slideshow below

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

held in the middle concourse of Arsenal‘s Emirates Stadium (no I did not take any pictures. not a Gooner 😉 ), the layout of stands and and booths would’ve been quite familiar to any seasoned expo vet. seminars were held upstairs from the booking booth one encountered when taking the escalator up from the entrance. I missed out on most of them due to booth browsing and chatting with reps but did briefly attend a Pro-Tools one (mainly because I needed to take the weight off my poor suffering, wet foot) and was most definitely present at the Cubase 7 world premiere

are you ready for Cubase 7?

now Cubase 7. crikey. one of the world’s most popular DAW‘s (Digital Audio Sequencers) and partly responsible for who knows how many musical hits could completely swamp competition with this next iteration due to the impressive feature set. the only problem I envisage is cost. the barrier to entry is still very steep (£450+) but place that next to a top of the line SIM free smartphone purchase (£500+), a 18 – 24 phone contract (£700+) or even a top of the line, fully loaded iPad (£400+) the VFM (value for money) is quite clear

take a look at this video I took from the back of the room. apologies for the exposure shift mid-way

many of the new features were fascinating (Chord Assistant, Steinberg Hub, the new Mixer, the intelligent, embedded analysis engine) but they also freaked me out. the currently realised and possible potential of the analysis engine evokes further thoughts of the predicated singularity event facing humanity and a musical future where disclaimers will accompany commercially available music (“made with true knowledge of music!”, “AI free!”, “chords played with hands!”). nonetheless, expect Cubase 7 to arrive with rabid fanboyism in tow and spark yet another era of platform baiting (Logic – I am looking at you)

time to get the brolly back out

it was fun to talk with the various reps from Synthax Audio, AVID, Thermionic Culture and being generally educated throughout the day more. I ended up staying until the end. partly to avoid the rain. here’s to next years

The Almighty’s Blessings

p.s Arsenal‘s ground is very impressive I have to grudgingly admit 🙂


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