thoughts, to pass on

do not call them resolutions (my attempt at aims for 2013)


  • be be be honest with yourself. lying to self is the worst lie
  • learn a new skill or trade or more over 12 months. it’s not hard. just takes dedication and hours
  • stop watching TV. please
  • and read newspapers less or more frequently depending on where you are at
  • spend more time in silence. encourage others too also
  • let’s just aim to get fitter and eat better. buying a years long gym membership is a gas
  • cleanse your inner circle. we all know they shouldn’t be riding with us and we shouldn’t with them. delete. empty recycle bin
  • if you can or are able, enjoy family
  • when you can…be dynamic
  • spend time with elders and ingest their knowledge. when they tell you ‘times are very different’ and it’s shrugged off as ‘yeah whatever’ we’re slapping ourselves on the face. grasshopper…shut up and listen
  • support a better class of music and musician. don’t let me catch you saying they aren’t out there. dig in the crates too. this brings me onto…
  • stop listening to politicians, random people on social media, celebrities, musicians and anyone else who thinks that their platform instantly equals knowledge, wisdom and understanding. it doesn’t. they’ve hardly achieved anything
  • let’s try to not waste time. there are not enough breaths to do this
  • always remember that a lot can change in a week…but a week is like lightning. it’s energy and window comes and goes
  • take on constructive criticism
  • don’t shy away from opportunities and collaboration
  • attend to needs more frequently and less to wants. clarify both. you’ll save money too
  • read a chapter of Proverbs in line with each numerical day of the month. go in on Ecclesiastes too
  • maybe get an accountability person into your life. the ‘maybe’ shows I’m even scared of this one LOL. this might be a good idea though
  • avoid bandwagons and ‘the crowd’ like the plague. yes the plague
  • this is a hard one for me but smile more. it’s not even one of
    the most powerful tools in life. it’s an amorphous act of defiance. sometimes it comes like warfare then it becomes a self-promise to not take certain s*** anymore. learn to love smiling
  • if you are able…support more independent theatre. this is a big one for me. that and good quality live experiences
  • practice the skill of transferable application (some call it wholism). everything is related
  • be real. you don’t know it all. it’s not a sign of weakness. there’s nothing wrong with admitting and learning
  • pray always. meditate more. accept the findings from both and get it in 🙂
  • aim for your actions to be a reciprocation of wider ripples that you want to have in the world. making this a better place is up to us. I’ve tried to run away from that. doesn’t work
  • use what you have where you have and make s*** happen. stir in time and anything is possible. do not make excuses based on fear. what’s the point?

    hey. 2012 flew by. a lot of things were never started. all of these lessons and more repeatedly slapped me in the face. many times, I refused to heed that sting. I moaned too much and wasted a lot of time

    but I’m alive. every new day is a dedication towards something else. adversity is always going to be around. that is part of life: the push and pull of irresistible forces versus immovable objects. crying about it is not going to change that but it may spark off self revelation

    I pray honestly to stay on the road to
    becoming a better person. it’s possible and it’s a work in progress. I pray The Most High‘s will is continued to be clarified in all spheres of existence and that I can share more of my gifts with you all

    anyway along with these, I am going to re-adopt a pledge to try and follow this more. I look at it every day


    long live Africa

    as above, so below. so outwardly, so inwardly. onwards and upwards. know thyself!

    The Almighty’s Blessings


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