Butterz vs. Hardrive 5 (Butterz 3rd Birthday)

“well well well” (c) JME

first of all, I have to be honest

as much as my pre-event post was full of anticipation, I do have to admit that my expectations weren’t as high as when approaching the previous event. the diversity of the previous line-up created probably the most impeccable Butterz vs. Hardrive yet. still even though overall some of the sets were slightly forgettable, that familiar B vs. H magic was sprinkled across the majority of the night…and so the saga continues

here are the small amount of pics I managed to take

so many moments: Swindle just reveling in the moment, the ease by which Terror moved from Bashment to Grime to Jungle while drunk lol, Joker‘s face when he pulled out Gully Brook Lane (let alone when he played R2D2. R2D2 MAN), the lights actually going out when Royal T‘s Undertaker intro started his set, Serious One‘s hosting, Bruza‘s determination…there’s more I can say and I could spend all day adding superlatives

there is something definitely special about both labels, the artists involved and the venue and you can feel it, literally feel it when the night starts to get going

apologies for the lack of copious pics and vids but I was too busy enjoying myself and losing my mind multiple times. try and make it down next time but…I’m not sure when next time will be now…

’til next time anyway

The Almighty’s Blessings


and now we have some of the sets

Oil Gang

Download here


Flava D

Download here


Terror Danjah and Bruza

Download here


Lil’ Silva


Elijah and Skilliam w/ Skepta

Download here

Swindle vs. Joker w/ Skepta and JME

Download here

Champion and Serious One


Royal T vs. D.O.K


Elijah and Skilliam (5am set)



and if you ask…




more pics here: http://www.grimeforum.com/forum/showthread.php?127529-Butterz-is-3-Audio-Video-Pictures-Thread

and an alternative site for all the sets grouped on one page: http://butterzis3.tumblr.com/


this is a surprise


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