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Lake Nyasa, Tanzania, Malawi and ‘Rare Earth’

Arusha, Tanzania — The local Tanzanian community bordering Lake Nyasa is no nearer to understanding what the conflict between their country and Malawi is about, nor why so much is at stake, as mediation efforts between Malawi and Tanzania are expected to begin soon.

The 29,000-square-kilometre tranquil lake, known as Lake Malawi by Malawians, is a tourist spot, source of revenue and food for local populations. But since July 2012, it was discovered that the lake could potentially be a lucrative oil and gas source, and it rekindled a border dispute between the southern African neighbours over who owns the lake.

The issues of resource extraction in Lake Nyasa echo other conflicts regionally when it comes to ownership, division of spoils, allocation of licences, and who pays for capital investments.

As with other areas in East Africa, such as the Albertine Rift and Murchison Falls National Park in Uganda, and Virunga National Park in Rwanda, there are two main oversights in this process – disseminating the results of the Environmental Impact Assessments and comprehensively incorporating community feedback into both the planning of extractions, and the “division of the spoils”.


via Tanzania: At the Bottom of Lake Nyasa Is ‘Rare Earth’.

the discovery of possible resources for ‘exploitation’ and betterment should fill one with joy no? then why doesn’t this? with Uganda and Rwanda also facing similar queries, it seems the ‘national resources x lake story’ is the next ‘hotline’ (I’m coining this term) for Mother/Father Africa

click the link to read on and for a hint of colonialism’s ever hovering hand in the past / present / future of back home

The Almighty’s Blessings


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