7 days in sound

What is there left to say about the ‘MBV’ album…?



a lot of words, brilliant ones even, seem to have been inspired by this album and are just one search engine away. I don’t really wanna add to them

but one really interesting thing about this album for me is that it ties together many numerous threads of influences regarding bands that I like especially Smashing Pumpkins. I mean if I am for example…

you could imagine Chamberlin behind the kit and D’Arcy having a go

but yes…threads of influence. I hear it much more so than Loveless *ducks*. I prefer that record but it’s Loveless so…

anyway…22 years…what a way to make a comeback. be humbled. God Bless ya Mr. Shields

as an opening track, this lives up to expectations, pretenders to the throne, almost anything else you’ve heard this year and your ears. what a WAY to say ‘hello’. on one hand, it’s something like what J. Spaceman / Spritualized would do and then (as one of the YouTube commentators says) it is “like if James Iha left the Pumpkins right after MCIS and made this”


it seems some are calling this the Holocaust rendition of You Made Me Realise. a bit much but you get the idea


aaaah to heck with it, I can’t resist!


the beauty in distortion people. beauty in distortion…

The Almighty’s Blessings


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