7 days in sound, you seen it?

am I late on this India Arie cover or…?


The photograph of a lighter skinned India is being used to promote her new single Cocoa Butter.

I was left speechless when I came across this photograph. I didn’t even recognise her at first


am I seeing things?

even if it is just because of flash photography (without being critical), I would expect India to pick up on the importance of things such as this at this current time. click on the link above to see the full comparison

thanks to Rebellious Val for the below

The Almighty’s Blessings


the Lady herself responds on this here. to be honest, the reply strikes me as a bit of a cop out but if you read the comments on the post you’ll see others that have picked up on this. just to clarify, this is not an attack on India personally but questions asked in love

besides…all promotion is……


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