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Solar Power is coming to Ghana in a BIG way

makes sense to me

The largest solar power plant in Africa will be built in Ghana, the British company behind the plan said on Tuesday.

Source of much of the world’s cocoa and an increasingly significant oil producer, Ghana’s new drive to exploit the sun’s energy is predicted to create hundreds of jobs and increase the country’s electricity capacity by 6%, as well as cutting emissions.

via Africa’s largest solar power plant to be built in Ghana | Environment |

some good news about back home for a change though the public comments in the article do highlight a few caveats. for instance:

how was land acquired for this project and from whom?

how much does Solar PV yield in the long run especially in cloudy conditions (which does happen back home)?

is there a cast iron guarantee that state money will flow to this project and will not be abandoned?

what’s this about a gas turbine facility near Tema?

will the company be trading in Carbon Credits and if so will profits flow down to the country (considering that African nations have a significantly lower carbon footprint when compared to many industrialized countries but exposed to a greater share of the problems)?

why are feed-in tariffs necessary?

I believe in Solar Energy to be a long term solution to the energy crisis back home as the technology evolves and it’s potential increases. not just because of its environmental benefits but because it just simply makes sense. think about it. however, these things are not always as clear cut as they seem

so something to keep an eye on

The Almighty’s Blessings


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