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RIP Malcolm Shabazz.. Grandson of Malcolm X Robbed & Killed in Mexico

there’s nothing for me to add really. all the information you need to know right now is here. just a bit speechless. it’s his Granddad’s (Omowale Malcolm X) Earthday anniversary on the 19th of this month. that just adds to this further

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Got a disturbing phone call earlier today noting that the grandson of Malcolm X, Malcolm el Shabazz had been murdered in Mexico. Initially I heard it was Mexico City but published reports are stating it was in Tijuana.. I doubled checked and hear it was actually Mexico City..  In either case the word was he was robbed, shot and tossed off a roof..I’m at a loss for words..I can only imagine what his family is going through.. The father of two was a good man destined to do great things..

Below is a link to give you crucial details as to what went down with Malcolm

I met Malcolm a few years back when he was attending school here in the Bay Area and would frequent our radio station.. He was pretty open, candid and someone who had grown and was continuing to grow spiritually and politically..He was…

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