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The suspicious death of two FBI Agents from the Boston Bombing creates controversy. what do you think?

Two well-trained Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agents who were involved in the killing of a Boston bombing suspect have suspiciously died.  The FBI said in a statement that 41-year-old Christopher Lorek and 40-year-old Stephen Shaw were killed on May 17 as they fell out of a helicopter into water during a training mission off the coast of Virginia Beach. US officials have blamed bad weather for the tragedy but some have questioned the credibility of the official account, considering it a cover-up.

via Suspicious death of two FBI agents creates controversy | CounterPsyOps.

I’m not one for conspiracy theories. well…I’m not naive either. as brotha @1SunRisen once said (paraphrased)

“before you hate on a conspiracy theory…disprove it”

this short read from the always intriguing CounterPsyOps includes an embed of an interview with Gordon Duff of Veterans Today in which he says this 

What we have in the US is that we don’t report, we don’t have the least free press here. There are powerful dissident elements within our military, intelligence services and government that are under the control of… I’ll call them organized crime on a worldwide basis. If you refer to hundreds of billions of dollars worth of narcotics and trillions of dollars worth of financial crimes, it is simply organized crime, it is the understatement of all time” 

click the link for more

The Almighty’s Blessings


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