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Miss Bahia 2013: Beauty and The Issues

The young woman drew attention for being one of only two black candidates in the contest. The large number of blonde women competing for Miss Bahia sparked controversy on the internet, with protests through social networks and blogs for not representing the profile of the population of Bahia. According to some of the protests that also included online petitions, the state that has a 76.2% black population, should have had more participants of this ethnicity.

via After controversy over lack of ethnic representation, a black woman is crowned Miss Bahia 2013; protests highlight the contradiction of race | Black Women of Brazil.

that young woman is 22 year old Priscilla Cidreira, representing the district of Santa Cruz, in Salvador, Bahia

the reason I chose to share this on from the always informative Black Women Of Brazil blog is that yes, it is 2013 and yes Global African people still have to cope with varying degrees of ignorance and prejudice which is continually excused. the preposition and subsequent action that a state comprised of 3/4 African peoples can not be represented fairly in all segments of life sounds all too familiar to many a brotha and sista. Brazil (like Azania / South Africa) is constantly held up as a place where the ‘race’ question has been solved i.e African people stop moaning however as we can see…

read on in the main article for a deeper look into issues of self-identity (the pardos (Black) and pretos (Brown) conversation), classifications, statistics and activist agendas. that is where things get even more interesting

click the link and…congratulations sista Priscilla and God Bless in the Miss Brazil contest on September 28th

The Almighty’s Blessings


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