I’ve been thinking…the Mighty Ant deserves more props

was reading my daily devotional word yesterday and something which I’ve mentioned before on Twitter struck me while reading this


one of the chief modern deceptions that has been sold to us and one that we consistently buy (including myself before you say anything) is that everything at all times must be ‘sexy’. it’s not just about the sensual attraction that is supposed to appeal to our lower animal nature but its suggested that if you are not having the moment of your life at every considerable minute then you are doing something wrong (funnily enough this falsehood is being addressed to many of us living a ‘modern’ capitalist existence and free from the real s*** plaguing huge swathes of humanity)

anyway this is a lie

anything…whether it be greatness, a person’s mind or any structure is built with vast quantities of repetition, maintenance and steadfast perpetuation. the humour to all this lies in the fact that this is where the action is. knowing that you are doing what is necessary to realise immense ends…is that not the place to be?

un-sexy is where it’s at. understand the ant

The Almighty’s Blessings

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