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Obama in Africa 2: This time it’s………?

Obama will almost certainly return home empty-handed. So, what will he accomplish beyond symbolism? Probably not much. The president’s advisors will spin the trip as proof that Obama hasn’t ignored Africa and that the region is an important U.S. partner. And while the latter bit might be true, most Africans don’t see it that way.

via Guilt Trip | Foreign Policy

while this article doesn’t even begin to express my frustrations with the current African condition / situation as regards to global predatory capitalism and the continued ignorance of how the historic integration of Africa into this poisonous swamp is responsible for the misrepresentation, underdevelopment and marginalisation of the greatest continent on Earth * exhale * well…it’s not really supposed to…but it does allow a quick analysis of current American president Barack Obama‘s relationship towards The Motherland © ☺

of note is that while this is only his second visit since 2009 (in which I was in Accra, Ghana at the time and witnessed part of the spectacle which must have cost a bundle) it will have

1. “increased the amount of time he’s spent as president in Africa nearly tenfold — from 21 to about 200 hours” BUT

2. pales in effort when compared to the Chinese effort since 2006 or even that “China‘s current president, Xi Jinping, has already visited three African countries since taking office on March 14, 2013

to be honest, I’m not one to Obama bash. he’s a US President and apart from the difference of melanated epidermis or an African influenced phenotype that should really tell you all you need to know about what he is capable of or wants to do. I’m not even interested in yardstick measuring of USA effort vs. Chinese in Africa as…what does it really mean? you should know by now that if you want to take over the world…you have to secure Africa first……

what I am interested in is ‘the bubble’ that is most commonly known as the African outlook towards Obama being finally disrupted and burst. the sooner the better if possible

props to Mwangi S. Kimenyi for the write-up

The Almighty’s Blessings

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