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Nationality for sale? Eastern Caribbean islands encourage ‘economic citizenship’ aka ‘cash for passports’

“At the start I was a little worried that it might be a fraud, but the process turned out to be quite smooth and simple. Now, I am a Dominican,” said Mezawi, who like many Palestinians had not been recognized as a citizen of any country. That passport will help with travel for his job with a Brazilian food processing company, he said by telephone from Dubai

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it all started via a joke really. you know, throwaway comments and the like… but then it turns out to be true, the nature isle of the Caribbean (amongst others) is selling it’s citizenship for quite nominal amounts

Bernard Wiltshire, a former Dominica attorney general, said there were already around 3,000 economic citizens when he left government about a decade ago. The country now has roughly 73,000 inhabitants in all

as much as this is also common practice amongst other so-called ‘first world’ nations (United States, Canada, Britain and Austria), I find this incredibly disturbing as the balance of power and influence differs greatly between these regions of the world

has it really got to the point for St. Kitts, Barbuda and Antigua (others nations quoted in the article) that instead of other initiatives to working with the native populous resulting in increased job creation and the reinvestment / recycle effect…nationality is instead for sale aka cash for citizenship or via investor visa? what happened to the Eastern Caribbean union and? what has happened to utilising and exploiting (in a holistic fashion of course) the overwhelming benefits and produce of the land? what happened to reaping the many scientific breakthroughs that are yet waiting to be unravelled and discovered for benefit of the population, the country, the region and the world?

this is worrisome on many levels especially given the history of Global African people in the region and I could easily go on but I think this quote says enough for now

Buying citizenship is a scheme that could lead to security lapses and corruption. Some of these small and gorgeous Caribbean islands are desperate to encourage development, and these fast-track citizenship-purchase programs are a testament to their economic woes — Dennis Schaal

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