Father’s Day: Worthy of respect?

…[on] Mother’s Day….sentiments are echoed with reverence and without exception – and rightly so. However, on Father’s Day…remarks are punctuated with negativity and disdain for fathers with comments like “happy sperm donor day” being bandied about. It’s disappointing to read and hugely disrespectful and unfair to the majority of good fathers that exist. Furthermore, it’s indicative of the often negative view of fathers that manifests itself within society and needs to stop

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just a quick one here regarding an issue that I should have posted about from some time ago: the always contentious Father’s Day

Sadly, there will probably always be bad fathers. But they do not represent all fathers and they shouldn’t be allowed to become the poster child for fatherhood

it’s gotten to the point that when the day does come around, I make a decision to stay away from social networking. as I am a father myself, I can tell you that generally it’s a thankless task (which should be the way it is depending on how you look at things) and while I’m not sure whether ALaw is one or not, he is male and seems to be easily able to gauge the mood around the responsibility

Those who continue to denigrate fathers in suggesting their parental responsibilities are more often than not reneged upon, should reconsider their views

his writing is clear, articulate and forthright and while you may be familiar with the points made… sorry but they have to be restated until people get it

…bad fathers exist. And by the same token, so do bad mothers. Unfortunately, regardless of their sex, bad parents exist and there isn’t any merit in merely highlighting the parental transgressions of just one gender

props to ALaw

The Almighty’s Blessings

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