Uk Higher Education class of 1998 -2012: Your wage slavery is about to become longer and more expensive!

those days are however long gone. long gone

but even worse now is this

Danny Alexander, the Chief Secretary to the Treasury, has confirmed that the Government will be privatising student loans as part of a plan to raise £15bn from sales of public assets, in order to boost investment… the sale is not expected to be finalised until 2015, two years later than originally planned

via Danny Alexander confirms: the student loan book will be privatised | New Statesman

this is horrible on many levels. it doesn’t take a stretch of the imagination

In order to get a decent amount for the loan book, the government is expected to offer sweeteners to whoever purchases it. The most extreme of these would be the proposal, revealed earlier this month, to lift the cap on interest paid by people who took out loans between 1998 and 2012

I know of many people, like myself, who have been unable to repay their student loan for much of their life. even if you are one of those staunch adherents to the “I’ll-wait-for-the-25-year-limit-to-hit” you’ve got to admit that this is yet another blow ontop of all the other morbid news regarding the Uk job market, wage slavery etc

what I like about this article is that the dichotomy  between treatment of the old and young is touched upon in reference to what really matters to politicians: a comprehensive mandate…… LOL no I’m joking of course…no VOTES. that and the utter and standard hypocrisy of a generation being told to pay for higher education by a successive generation who had it all for free blah blah blah (I say ‘blah’ of exasperation)

still… “mustn’t grumble eh?” * side eye *

The Almighty’s Blessings


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