“Sweat! / Huh! / Yeah! / What isssss it good for?!”

not meaning to demean the incredibly observant indwelling intelligence within us but couldn’t the body have thought of a better way to combat overheating than by drenching us with liquid?

the key failing I keep coming to in this chain reaction after rolling it over and over again in my head in various hot locations (public transport, well insulated houses, sunbathing for hours on end) is that it requires a sometimeish 3rd party to actually work (for cooling to commence)…and what is that change agent you may ask?

wind (or some kind of breeze) of course! right?

thing is that isn’t always in supply…but maybe it’s best thought of in another way. perhaps sweat is a signal to say to us “I need to be moved! move me to a breeze!”. this however brings me back to my question in the 1st paragraph up there. our bodies (notice how you can’t really speak about them in the 1st person) are beyond amazing: vehicles that will regulate a whole host of processes, everyday for upwards of 33,000 days (in many occasions) before getting tired of it all and opting for retirement

have I got any better ideas though? with a slight amount of ignorance, I have to say “no”. so instead I’ll continue to be thankful that we at least have that…and that our bodies put up with our consistent foolishness ☺

The Almighty’s Blessings


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