Consent: To give, to take, to be abused… or to be confused?

a few nights ago, me and the wife went to see Now You See Me, a heist film in a similar vein to Inception in that mind games, distraction, reality plus illusion are played with and dramatised to great effect (you’ll never * ahem * see the end coming). I’m not here to give away spoilers (though the links to Kemet / KMT / Egypt are worthy of a 2nd look) but Woody Harrelson features as a main character who is a-fallen-from-stardom hypnotist and mentalist

now the act, art, skill and possible misuse of hypnotism has always intrigued me for various reasons. as we left, we both got to talking. I’ll paraphrase as my memory is foggy (need to hit up some Gingko Biloba)

Me: “man hypnotism is so damn dangerous”
Her: “not if you’re not open to it. first, you have be spiritually covered / aware. secondly, you have to give consent. that woman [in the film] gave him consent”
Me: “so you’re saying that not anyone can be hypnotised. how can you say that?”
Her: “you have to give consent”

consent. now that’s interesting. why? for me, I have to ask “what is exactly classed as giving consent?” you can easily look up various legal / human made definitions of the word but for the sake of thinking out loud staying in relation to hypnotism and allowing yourself to be mentally led to either draw out information or come to a pre-defined (otherwise foreign) conclusion does say……

• the act of turning on a TV and watching a news broadcast count as consent (it has been said that while watching TV, your mind is much more pliable to suggestion. why is it called programming anyway?)?
• does exchanging legal tender to sit in a darkened room with others all facing one direction with projected images at a certain frame rate and loud sound energy count as consent?
• I know engaging in the democratic process and using your vote towards the election of a political candidate and party counts as consent (in regards to a mandate) but does that also count towards the subsequent use of the public tax purse towards unjust objectives?

I know I am leading you on a bit towards my personal belief’s and you can disagree but in quite a few ways, I feel consent is relatively ignored. instead what replaces it is something akin to an assumed agreement, as in past actions or relative silence = consent

for me and mine however that is definitely not a pass

The Almighty’s Blessings


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