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Let’s discuss the KILOMBO Conference (27th – 29th Sept’13): Another World Is Possible is back on-air (13/07/13). Lock in!

I previously posted here about my return to radio. it’s been going on for a few weeks now and is continually improving. it’s always an education and it is genuinely humbling to speak to activists on the ground around the world

I’m on air today (13/08/13) flying solo! I’ll be talking about the forthcoming KILOMBO 2013 Conference 27th to 29th September 2013 in Peki, Ghana. Here’s the main promo for the show:

What is Kilombo? What’s is the Kilombo Conference? How does it intend to make a real difference to the lives of ordinary Africans? What is it’s purpose? How can I get involved? Can I attend?

Our guests include:
(1). Explo Nani-Kofi, Ghana
(2). Ohene Nana Quame Adjei, Ghana
(3). Ewurama Andoh, Ghana
(4). Richard Ananga, Ghana

Introduced by Elikem Nunekpeku also from Ghana.

Hosted in GFM Radio studios in London by Rema Diallo, Emile Kargbo, Nii-Teiko, Dingan Mkhize and Ozzie Clarke-Binns

Put your comments/questions forward and join social re-construction as Another World Is Possible!

Go to www.gfmradio.com and click on listen live to radio or go to TuneIn.com search for GFM Radio and listen in on Tuesday 13th August 2013
7pm-9pm UK, 2pm-4pm EST/USA, 6pm-8pm GMT and 9pm -11pm Central African Time

so there you go. you can also search on Facebook for AWIP Live on GFM Radio and come across our page. we look at it throughout the show answering any questions or comments you may have for us. all shows are important but this show holds a special kind of importance as the Kilombo conference and initiatives like it are vital to indigenous efforts of African people to truly self-determine our lives. you could be listening to the beginning of the greatest rebalancing of social justice in Africa’s recent history. I pray you can tune in and get involved!


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