7 days in sound

13/08/13 – The Hyperdub Show on Rinse FM ft. DJ Rashad, DJ Spinn and DJ Earl hosted by Kode9

downloaded this yesterday and slowly making my way through it. I’ve been drawn to music at 160 BPM for a bit now but have also been staying away from it… maybe to make my mind up about it (odd I know). anyway, I stumbled across this on Twitter from a retweet by the official Hyperdub account and thought it would be best as good as semi-definitive audio stamp of where ‘this music’ (Ghetto House? Footwork? …?), where it’s going and where it could go (DJ Rashad has an album coming out on Hyperdub in October. got the email with the stream but just haven’t had time to speed time work it)

big up Passionweiss


if the last track that Kode9 plays (24 – 26 mins?) is by Mark Pritchard (aka Harmonic 313) then he really is a badman. anyone know?

The Almighty’s Blessings


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