I agree... unfortunately. it would be nice for humans to not be injust without the use of power...but such is life and it has to be done

this is not a slight to the OG MLK Jr. that’s not possible from me. I’m just trying to take personal stock of what the speech means to me in 2013. as Global African people approach end game status in our various locales, there is so so much to do. however thank you Martin and all the others involved in the Civil Rights Era from small to tall however for standing up and being counted. when the bell tolled, you decided to listen

The Almighty’s Blessings

community, global africa

It’s 50 yrs to the day of Martin Luther King Jr.s ‘I have a dream’ speech but I find myself thinking about Marcus Mosiah Garvey

stand up. be counted. don’t shirk responsibility


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