7 days in sound, inbox

Lend your ears to this: new Georgia Anne Muldrow / Jyoti entitled #Conmigo (NOT on the forthcoming #Denderah album)


the album had just been announced. out on the 24th September. click this to go to the Bandcamp site and listen to ‘Turiya’s Smile’
got the email from Bandcamp about this and came straight here

kinda reminds of Morena Del Ray off of Kings Ballad but I need some repeat plays to soak it in

this is not on the new album (Denderah) but is exclusive to a 7″ single available on the SomeOthaShip Bandcamp with another track called Optimus Prime on the ‘A – side’

I was actually thinking the other day that there is probably not an album I’ve listened to more in the last 2 years than the first Jyoti album (Ocotea)…especially when reading. it seems to flow with almost every book I touch. part of me also just cannot accept that one person made that record. how!?

cannot wait for this new album


The Almighty’s Blessings


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