rolling content

below is some of the rolling content or series’ that you can expect to see here

7 days in sound is a weekly or so series documenting tracks that have been essential and or soundtracked the past week in London City, England

1000 words is a series featuring images that sum up……a 1,000 words

can’t wait is a ongoing series of pre-release thoughts, feelings and hype for forthcoming media

connections details how you, the reader, can stay in contact or touch with me (if you want or choose too of course)

currently reading is an ongoing series of updates about books or other printed materials that are being rapidly ingested for personal, community, social and world development / empowerment

date (0/0/00 for example) is an ongoing series covering music, poetry and most live events

Global Africa is me. Is you. Is US. lets…BE

inbox lets you into my email: buzz tracks, mixtapes…but only the best go here

in hindsight iisss…the place where I look back…with new eyes. it takes times for the mind to mature, the ears to listen…the heart to admit mistakes. find out how and why here

lifestyle is where style matters and has a home. read to stay on point ladies and gents, kings and queens…

recent purchases is an ongoing series documenting music CD’s and downloads which have been added to the personal collection

SNM is about undeniable music, video, quotes & images. challenge yourself. every Friday or so expect a new post 2 enjoy. it’ll be worth it

spins covers all the mixes you should know and love…present and past….

spotlight is a feature on an established, well known or above surface artist. here we get to see a bit of what makes them tick, their past, what’s coming soon and why we should keep track of their various movements

when it rains… seeks to sift through the dense fog of popular social music site Soundcloud and bring the best to you, the treasured reader. enjoy

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