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African Ancestry meets Flying Lotus meets Okayafrica

The dude is a musical beast, with musical roots to match – his great aunt and uncle Alice and John Coltrane, amongst others. Above, find out where his family tree extends from, and how he’s connected back hundreds of years (and centuries more) through the universal soul makossa cosmos, back to the African continent

via Video: Flying Lotus Discovers His African Ancestry | Okayafrica..

well I never expected this

mainly just because I had no idea such a video series was running. props to Okayafrica. Omar (aka Michael Kenneth Williams) from The Wire is next up. place your bets now…

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geek out!

a new beast…the Moog Sub Phatty


I have seen a lot of Sub Phatty videos since it was properly unveiled at last months NAMM but I decided to post about this one. why?


1). Uncle Bernie Worrell is playing all over it
2). Uncle Bernie Worrell is playing all over it


besides that this is a atypical but well positioned new product from Moog with the heavy promotion of the Sub-Oscillator, the addition of the aggressive Multidrive and the attractive pricing (£700 over here which sounds expensive but consider that a top flight smartphone is £500) placing it in the sights of the young EDM musician who wants a bit of analog difference



Flying Lotus x Moog x Adult Swim / Lilfuchs. enjoy


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recent purchases

my presence begat presents


(from left to right) Flying Lotus Until The Quiet Comes, Smashing Pumpkins Gish (the remastered edition) and Parliament Down To The Up Stroke


then In Rainbows by Radiohead, Joker The Vision and finally New Forms by Roni Size / Reprazent. I actually bought the last one myself though

thanks family

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p.s I tried with a slight pun. forgive me. too much food 🙂

recent purchases

just like buses…


eh? three come at once 🙂

slightly old pic. such great, strong music though. with PE, it’s one of them ones whereby you know the songs but never actually own the CD. fixed 😀

oh by the way is Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos possibly one of the greatest rhyme performances to ever touch the mainstream?

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you seen it?

such a tease


forgot to write about the upcoming Flying Lotus album. I was supposed to do a post on that sprawling Erykah Badu featured single. anyway Until The Quiet Comes seems to be shaping to be something special but I really don’t expect anything less from FL – do you? here’s a teaser
video that ups the expectation

he’s been quoted as saying something like “I stripped down the arrangements” which I translate as ‘focusing more on the fundamentals’. removing the barriers (whether they be technical, personal or musical) in conveying the message…whatever that may be

Heave(n) (from the 5 seconds it appears) has been around for sometime but seems reworked. a few tracks are also being included
in his live sets so if you are able to catch
the Los Angelian (yes, I just made that up) you may be in for a treat. go here for info and pre-orders and here for tour info and Facebook event pages


my parting line: what would his music sound like if he was not under the influence aka high? yeah…me too


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