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Your Blog, Plus One: Connect and Share on Google+

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We’re excited to announce new features that integrate your site with some of the services Google has to offer. New features include:

Connect to your Google+ Profile

Google+ Profile

Linking to your Google+ Profile creates an official connection between your content and your Google+ account. The benefit? It adds a layer of verification, confirming you are the author of your posts, and helps Google understand who created certain pages, which helps to increase the accuracy of search results.

In some cases, Google may also use this information to make your posts stand out more in search results by including your Google+ Profile information next to your listing.

Connection highlights

  • The display name that appears on your posts will use your Google+ Real…

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Deal alert: Samsung are giving away Galaxy Mini’s with Chromebook purchases between

or better yet £50 cashback and a free data plan for 12 months with the 3G model. just sell the phone and add it against the purchase. it’s really a no-brainer if you were looking into one as the price has always been good (£229 – 299). 

I have considered a Chromebook as I have been in a few situations where I needed a lightweight laptop plus am getting more involved into the Android eco-system but…Windows still * ahem * wins out. the botched launch of Windows RT and subsequent tepid reception has really affected a segment where it really should win. a lightweight, well powered RT machine. why not? fix up Microsoft!

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another iOS 7 ‘leak’ or opinion? either way, I like it

The whole OS has that ‘skinny jeans’ Helvetica Neue Ultra Light [or similar] that you’ve seen in those posters. At the top, instead of carrier signal bars, Apple now has 5 dots that are white or gray to represent the signal.

via “What iOS 7 looks like” – let’s hope not – Neowin.

via the writers at Neowin via 9-5 Mac comes another look ahead at the anticipated iOS7 reveal at the WWDC starting tonight at 6pm GMT. new devices are expected also depending on which website you go to or ‘analyst :-)’ *spits* you believe. LOL at the comments from the writer Ben Buffone though

Whilst this information, if true, gives us some great insight into an early beta of iOS 7, it doesn’t detract from how awful it looks. Check out that Safari icon; it looks like a damn thermostat.

ouch lol. tell ’em how you feel!

the look is minimal and ‘flat’ which is how things are being pushed by certain multinational North American tech and sales companies (Ebay) these. why? I would like to know too

Microsoft did get there first with Windows Phone, Google have Holo and it is something I definitely approve of so while Apple will roll this out and attempt to pass it off as something wholly original…yeah…take it away Steve (R.I.P)

want a bit more food for thought on what’s coming? click here

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