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so VSCO Cam finally dropped for Android and no-one could tell me!? “disappointed in you lot I am” © Teiko Yoda

so that’s how it works eh? smh

geek out!

VSCO Cam: Coming to Android and now in Beta (yes!)

just as I was going to tweet saying something along the lines of “Android is great but still can’t get the good iOS exclusive apps”, I search engine VSCO Cam to gaze enviously at the web page and come across articles announcing an upcoming Android port! maybe things are changing. click the link up there for more info. I’ve already signed up

The Almighty’s Blessings

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re-blog : ‘the adventures of solomon spiderman’ from ACCRA [dot] ALT radio

We met 15-year-old Solomon Ayitey sauntering around the neighborhood in his Spiderman costume and cracking jokes with middle-aged ladies. He stopped to pose and show us what James Town is made of. This made us wonder…what would a Kwaku Ananse costume look like?!

via The Adventures of Solomon Spiderman | ACCRA [dot] ALT Radio.

my lineage is from Jamestown so this brings a tear to my eye. we should do whatever we can to keep alight the impossibility and imagination of our youth – they are our greatest technology and promise as said Dr. Llaia O’Afrika

shout out to ACCRA [dot] ALT representing

The Almighty’s Blessings