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Wow: Cloudup is acquired by Automattic (creators of WordPress)

I just found out about this via email. am looking forward to the integration with the visual editor and hope it makes its way to the mobile app as that’s where I do most off my work nowadays. joined the beta!

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iOS7 is here but to be completely real and honest… Android is better

I’m not trying to bait people or be ridiculous and yes it doesn’t really matter in the scheme of things but it’s actually true. I used to have an iPhone 4. had it for 2 years and while my reasons for having one were not exclusively about my enjoyment of the device, an extensive contract (it was actually about the high re-sell values iPhone‘s maintain) or whatever, I too thought Android was not worthy of my attention

that was until I got a Nexus 4

nothing more to say really. click the link above for. thanks to Paul Stamatiou

can’t wait to see what KitKat has in store, crazy name aside

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Your Blog, Plus One: Connect and Share on Google+

yes! finally 🙂

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The Blog

We’re excited to announce new features that integrate your site with some of the services Google has to offer. New features include:

Connect to your Google+ Profile

Google+ Profile

Linking to your Google+ Profile creates an official connection between your content and your Google+ account. The benefit? It adds a layer of verification, confirming you are the author of your posts, and helps Google understand who created certain pages, which helps to increase the accuracy of search results.

In some cases, Google may also use this information to make your posts stand out more in search results by including your Google+ Profile information next to your listing.

Connection highlights

  • The display name that appears on your posts will use your Google+ Real…

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Hitler: If you thought that going backwards in time to delete him would work… perhaps think again

“what lies behind is the void. ahead is the possibility. now is the choice” © a bit of someone else and me

click the link

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I’m not sure how In going to be able to stop playing this thing to be really honest. all it needs is Google Play Games (why isn’t this mandatory?) support for Achievements etc and it’s a wrap

please pry it away from my fingers. please. actually no don’t

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I’m addicted to Sonic Jump

cot damn


KING BRITT : DS LIVE IMPROV (excerpt) from King Britt on Vimeo.

just watch

and space out

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