can't wait, terrain

All roads lead to Fire in Vauxhall: it’s Swindle’s album launch!


this is going to be something

self explanatory really

this is going to be a night of considerable interest. why? well for one, I’m not sure I can remember the last time I saw a live performance in a rave plus from a Grime (however much drenched in musicianship, Funk and Jazz) producer at that

secondly, this is the first Butterz vs. Hardrive rave that is in a totally different venue. Club Cable (R.I.P) was a special venue for me and I’m proud to have lost my mind multiple times… and especially at my personal place by the swing doors leading to the 2nd room and cloakroom. sniff. pour a lil’ out

but all things must move forward and the Butterz administration have shown great ability in recovering from the snap shock of losing their ‘home’ and moving on. let’s see how this goes…or more importantly where I’m supposed to stand! I had a spot!

currently on my way there. actually just arrived. PEACE

The Almighty’s Blessings

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