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running into a familiar friend at a familiar location: an African christening

comfort in dark days


heading down there now. ANYONE CAN COME. apologies for the late notice


Can the citizens of the Great Lakes region and their friends around the world project the picture of atrocities being committed by Kagame and Museveni into the homes of Westerners’ families? They know that most of these Europeans don’t have anything against them and would be appalled to learn more about those crimes, the responsibility of their governments, and do something about it

This is what the campaign Dying in the Great Lakes is trying to do. Please join us in Piccadilly Circus [London] on October 19th, 2013 from 11:00 am.

The group is inviting people especially living in London to participate to the event organised this coming Saturday 19/10/13 at Piccadilly Circus from 11:00 onward and denounce continuing atrocities being committed in the Democratic Republic of Congo where Congolese and Rwandan youth forced into fighting are killed in masses. And this has been going almost for the last 20 years. The West has become indifferent to that situation. The group is mobilizing Africans to come out in numbers to tell the West to stop their indifference.

The Almighty’s Blessings

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Let’s discuss ‘Zimbabwe’ & this weekend’s ‘KILOMBO Conference’: Another World Is Possible is back on-air today (24/09)!

just a quick one here. Another World Is Possible is back on air tonight and I’ll be flying solo while the rest of the team makes their way to Peki, Ghana to join the others for this weekend’s annual Kilombo Conference. tonight’s discussion is Zimbabwe – The Way Forward. I’m looking forward to this as some myth and rumour is either going to be dispelled or confirmed! guests include Senator Chen Chimutengwede, Deputy President of the Zimbabwe Senate and former Zimbabwean Minister of Information, Mafa Kwanisai, Tafadzwa Choto and Johngershon Agbozo who will close the show with some more Kilombo Conference info

We’re on air between 7pm-9pm UK, 2pm-4pm EST/USA , 6pm-8pm GMT, 9pm -11pm Central African Time. You can log on to and click to listen live to radio or go to and search for ‘GFM Radio’ and listen

Put your comments / questions forward and join social re-construction as Another World Is Possible! Our studio number: +44 208 520 1355

I pray you can tune in and get involved!

The Almighty’s Blessings

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Today in 1977, brotha Steve Biko’s life was taken in Azania / South Africa by the racist Apartheid regime


he was actually already dead from having been captured and tortured by the Police almost a month before. he was then driven to Pretoria pointlessly. all he wanted was his people to be free: mentally, spiritually and culturally. that’s all most Africans want. he gave his life for the cause. our efforts may pale in comparison but… at least make the effort

only 30 years young


© Steve Biko

The Almighty’s Blessings

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Let’s discuss Pan-African structures & the upcoming KILOMBO Conference: Another World Is Possible is back on-air today (10/09)!

yep yep – another week, another radio show. the last time I was on 4 weeks ago I was flying solo. it was slightly daunting and hard work (especially growing the extra arms needed 😉 but a lot of fun and the response was great. thank you for listening

today’s show promises to be just as informative and full of edutainment as always if not more so with another international line-up of guests, the annual Kilombo Conference held in Peki, Ghana fast approaching and brotha Rema Diallo back as co-presenter. how can you not want to listen? see below for more details


1). How to develop a Functioning Structure to Build Pan-Africanism from Below
2). the Kilombo Annual Conference (

On the programme will be
1). Andrew Seraus; Pan-Africanist Advocate, Analyst, Critique and Activist, Antilles
2). Eric Sewor Addae, Peki Local Organizing Group and Teacher.
3). Juliana Coufie, Teacher and Central Region Kilombo Network Member,
4). Johngershon Agbozo, Teacher and Peki Local Organizing Group Member

Hosted in GFM Radio studios in London by Rema Diallo, Emile Kargbo, Nii-Teiko (me!), Phyllis Abebreseh and Afia Kwaten

With contributions from Nia Noel (Associate Producer, AWIP) in Los Angeles, USA and Explo Nani-Kofi (Coordinator and Producer, AWIP) and an introduction by Mercy Owusu Achaw from Kumasi, Ghana

The AWIP Team in Ghana includes Ohene Nana Quame Adjei, Elikem Nunekpeku, Mercy Owusu Achaw, Austin Akrobor and Abeku Adams

On Tuesday 10th September 2013
7pm-9pm UK, 2pm-4pm EST/USA , 6pm-8pm GMT, 9pm -11pm Central African Time
Log on to and click to listen live to radio or go to search for ‘GFM Radio’ and listen

Put your comments/questions forward and join social re-construction as Another World Is Possible London studio number: +44 208 520 1355

so there you have it. listen in and get involved! we look forward to interacting with you

The Almighty’s Blessings


we know that Apple are vying for your attention by unveiling two new phones but they’re only going to rip off other products with their same old schtick ;-)… some things are actually more important eh?