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running into a familiar friend at a familiar location: an African christening

comfort in dark days


17-year old black teen surrounded and beaten to death by mob of 30 people; accused of rape, but there is no evidence of the crime



The Almighty’s Blessings

Black Women Of Brazil


Note from BW of Brazil: Savage. That’s all I can really say at this point. Savage. Sometimes one just has to wonder what’s going in Brazil in regards to the black population. Why do I ask this question in a land that long regarded itself as a “racial democracy”? Well, young black men are consistently found stretched out in the street after being murdered by police or death squads. There are black women being dragged on the concrete roads hanging from police cars. There are black boys being tied naked to poles. Then you have black teens being chased and interrogated on the beach and in the shopping malls. I won’t make another long comment on my position on this once again but will simply say again, even if there is petty crime in the country and “people are tired of it” as so many have…

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this is a brilliant read. informative and on the ground. you can’t fake the funk!

far back at home (Ghana also for the uninitiated), my local tailor is right across the road from my family house. there’s one outfit I got him to make me that I’ve never worn… it’s too original for words. just waiting for the right time…… for freedom

The Almighty’s Blessings

ACCRA [dot] ALT Radio

Story by NANA OSEI KWADWO | Photography by SELORM JAY

The recent “rise of African Fashion” within global media is a bit of a dead tune in these parts. In Ghana, style has always been big news. The Internet makes all the difference now. Some fifteen years ago, you wouldn’t see the freshest Ghanaian designs on Instagram or Tumblr because all the fresh styles were on the streets.

The best designs are still on the streets. Street design shops, big and small, stock some of the finest locally made outfits in the city. Every minute someone from Ghana is posting a Look Book online allowing thousands  of people around the world to tap into Ghana’s style portal. Let’s not forget designer labels like Louis Vuitton slipping fashion aesthetics from Ghana onto the runway without acknowledging the origins.

African Victorian African Victorian

Ghana has a long tradition of customized clothing dating as far back…

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